Friday, May 23, 2014

An SA by Grace Meyer

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Hi my name is Grace E. Meyer. I’m going to tell you about my old dog Bear. She was one of the best dogs you could have. She always enjoyed to be wrestled by my dad and be tickled on the stomach. She never really was bad except for the time she had an accident in my parents bed room.

When she was really little she always like to run and get her chew toy if we threw it. She also was a hunting dog. My dad always took her somewhere to hunt duck and such. I never went with him because I was really little when they hunted. Actually I was born on one of the days they were hunting.

My dog was the sweetest thing in the world. But she always slept in my parents bed room. My dog is not alive today but I know she is always with me. A month or so before we put her to sleep We got her her favorite chew toy a duck. Rest In Peace Bear.
I went to paris about 4 years ago and it was magical. Is saw gittler fly by my face as it zoomed passed the eiffel tower. Then someone walked up to me and said I will give you 10,000 dollars if you can guess my name. And sure enough I guess his name right and gave me the 10,000 dollars. His name was Bill by the way.

I have no idea what to do with all that money! I could go spend some on  beautiful glamorous clothes and such. Or I can go by the sweetest ride But not be able to drive it until I’m 14 or 15. Maybe I could go spend it on an amazing house. Before I could Finish deciding what to spend my money on more glitter zoomed across my face and this is what happened.

An airplane flew up in the sky and it had a banner on and it said Grace E. Meyer come to the eiffel tower right away. So I got to the eiffel tower as fast as I could. And there was the same man who gave me the 10,000 dollars and this time he said If I could guess what state he was from (he lives in America) He would give me double the money he gave me last time. And sure enough I knew that he lived in Kansas. So he gave me the money and then my family went  home to Clear Lake, IA U.S.A.
Have you ever heard of the cheetah. Well if you have and you want to learn about them the  this is the research paper for you. Did you know that cheetahs can run 93 miles per hour! An adult cheetah has a 60-83 cm tail. The height of an adult cheetah is around 90cm.

A cheetah usually lives in Africa. Like everyone else the cheetah get’s tired to it can only run oh so fast for short periods of time. It can only run for about 2 min. and 20 sec. But it can start back up again really fast. So if you want to learn more about cheetah then read this last paragraph.
Cheetahs can also have many different kinds of patterns on their fur. Most of you already know this but the dad always hunts for the food and the mom always takes care of the cubs all the time. A baby cheetah is also known as a cub. Cheetahs aren't very friendly with humans but some can be trained like the ones at the zoos. So that is all the info about cheetahs!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

About Me!
*By: Grace E Meyer*

Hi I’m Grace Meyer I’m in 4th grade and I’m 10 & 1/2 years old. Some things I like about school are friends, teachers, and fun rewards. Some things I don’t like are Bullies and kids making fun of other kids. I can’t wait for 5th grade to start! I can’t wait to know who my teacher is!

Some things I dislike about school are bullies, kids making fun of other kids, yelling, and other stuff. Some thing I dislike at home are my brother doing stuff to me, getting in trouble and many other things I can’t think of right now. There are different reasons I dislike home and school and other places but there are always PAWSITIVE stuff to about those places to! But, to me school and home are the most PAWSITIVE places I know!

Some of my likes in school are seeing my favorite teachers, getting time to hangout with your friends at recess, and much, much more. Some things I like outside of school are hanging out with my family and family friends. Some sports I like playing are Dance, softball, basketball, and volleyball.

There is probably many more things I can tell you about myself. But thats I can think of. I hope 5th Grade can be just as good as 4th Grade and maybe even a little better. I hope you enjoyed my story on the things I like and dislike in and outside of school.