Monday, December 16, 2013

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My Thanksgiving 2013 on PhotoPeach

My 4th grade program

My 4th grade program
By: Grace Meyer

______________________________________________________ The 4th grade program was on 11/19/13 and it was super fun! I had and Awesome part it was a singing solo in the song forgiveness is the treasure we seek. My part was " we truly hope you'll forgive us and yet we know it's hard to forgive and forget" I hope people liked it. The songs in the program were Hola from pinataville, Arrr, What Should We Do, Forgiveness Is the Treasure We Seek, and  Jolly Fiesta. In Forgiveness Is the Treasure We Seek there was another solo with besides myn It was Skyla Geitzenauer. Her solo was "Sometimes it's hard to admit a mistake knowing your wrong can make your heart ake." The school performance was at 10:20 and at nigh tit was at 6:30. That was the best program ever!!!!!

My Favorite place!
By: Grace Meyer
My favorite place is my warm cozy house. I love me house because in our basement we have a big couch and a T.V. and our family goes down there to have some fun family time. Our basement is so cozy on our couch if you lay in the crack between the couch cushions you just fall right asleep. In my house you can smell the food cooking on our stove and our Sensi pot. In our house you can  hear my dog bear barking and her winning and some wind and little rain drops. In our living room we have wood floors and leather couches. Our house is my favorite place in the world!!! 

My Thanksgiving

 My Thanksgiving
By: Grace Meyer
   My Thanksgiving of 2013 was at my aunt Rilla's house. Before Thanksgiving, lunch my cousin Alex And I played around with board games and watching "despicable me." Just so you know it was the 1 one. We all played the game scattergories the people who were playing were aunt Sandy, aunt Rilla, my mom Janet, my cousins Katie and Kyle, my brother Carson, and me to be specific. We all kept thinking of crazy and funny stuff to put down for the game. When it was time for lunch we ate buttery mashed potatoes, creamy corn, bread buns, and really good Turkey and for desert we had pumpkin pie, brownies and ice cream it was really good. After lunch, me and Alex played with my aunt Tracy's dog was  not really that fun but we still had fun with the dog. When we were done playing with the dog Alex, and I played the game twister. I fell over a few times! We went home around 4 or 5:00. Then the next day was Black Friday I got two bags of rubber bands to use. Then my dad, my brother, and my grandma and grandpa, and me went to New Hapton to look for a new combine for the farm. On Saturday my family got our Christmas tree it was our first fake tree. Later on Saturday night me and my mom went to Disney's new movie Frozen. It was a really good movie. That was my fantastic Thanksgiving weekend!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

stranded on a island

Stranded on an Island
By: Grace Meyer 
There was a girl named Grace, and she is 10 years old  and her 3 friends Alexis is  9 1/2 Hailey is 9 1/2 and Savannah is 11 1/2. Grace saw a flyer on the wall at Apple Bees and it said win the who could text fast competition. So Grace went to her friend and said," I found a flyer at apple bees and we could go on a cruise if we entered the who can text fast competition, so the girls entered the competition and won! They went on the Disney cruise ship for a contest they entered and their parents had to stay home for work and, there was a big storm. Grace and her friends took the escape boat to get away from the storm and the ship because it was going to sink. So Grace and her friends went to a near by island, but it had did not have a named and there was no people and a few monkeys. The girls started looking for signs of people, but they had no luck. So Grace and Savannah tried making a place for them to sleep, and Alexis and Hailey went to look for some food. Alexis and Hailey found some really good food what they found was coconut's and some meat and honey. They got the honey from a bee hive with no bees in it. They got the meat from a bird. They got the coconuts from a coconut tree. After they ate, they got ready for bed then went to sleep in the beds that Grace and Savannah had made with leaves and vines and some straw. The next morning there was a very friendly monkey on Grace's legs and Grace named the monkey Izzy and her middle name was Tizzy. Izzy Tizzy never left Grace and her friends alone. Izzy Tizzy was really nice because she helped the girls in really nice ways. So Izzy and the girls went on a hike around the island and on the hike the girls and the monkey saw a really big hut so they went inside and found 4 other girls named Anna, Jaden, Emma, and Rebecca. They were really nice and they let Grace, Alexis, Hailey, and Savannah stay in their hut. It turned out that those girls ended up here the same way Grace and her friend did. So now all of the girls tried to find a way of the island to go home and they saw a helicopter and the helicopter picked them up and gave them a ride home. When all of the girls got back home, their parents were so glad to see them because they were worried about them. THE END!

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Sign of the Beaver

The Sign Of The Beaver 

        By: Grace Meyer

Day 1
Day 1 was about this boy and his dad built this log cabin and the dad left for 7 weeks and his dad gave the boy a gun, 7 notches, and food and water.  The dad did some work at the cabin  before he left. The reason why the dad gave the boy a gun is because so he could protect the house and kill some time. The boy went in the woods to get some food but had no luck he ended up sleeping in a hemlock in the woods

Day 2
Day 2 was about the boy and stranger who were together for awhile the stranger left when Matt was not watching and the stranger  stole Matt's dad''s gun. Matt could not shot food any more he had to catch it. Matt wanted some honey from a tree so he climbed the tree to get some honey so he broke of a piece of the honey comb and the bees came swarming at him and he got stung all over himself so he jumped in the pond to get away from the bees  Matt got tangled in something in the water and saved him.

Day 4
Day 4 was about  Matt and Attean making traps and catching food. Matt was teaching Attean how to read and Attean walked out and Matt thought he was not coming back. Matt and Attean went fishing and Attean went fishing with a sphere and he got a fish then when Matt tried with his fishing pole and his hook kept braking so he kept making more

Day 5
Day 5 is about Matt finishing a book and Attean starts talking about the indian bible.

Friday, November 8, 2013

An Awesome Surprise
By: Grace Meyer 

I did not know that my parents were hiding something from me. One day when I came home from school my parents surprise me by telling me we were going on a trip to Disney World! On the way to our hotel in Minnesota we took a diner brake to Jimmy Jon's then we got back on the rode. When we got to our hotel for the night, we got to watch TV for a while then we went to bed. The next morning we got up at 4 or 5:00 in the morning to go on the plain. It was crowded in the airport. When we got to the plain, it took 3 or 4 hours to get there. On the plain I talked to my family and played with my DS and watched my dad play my DS a little too. When we got to our resort, it was huge. The first day we just relaxed and looked around our resort and discover where every thing like the pool, eating area, and the arcade. The second day we went to our first park we rode the space mountain ride we went to a German restaurant and did shopping and other fun stuff! On the 3 day we went to another park we were going to do  this car race but it started to rain and it was an outdoor ride. On the 4 day we went to another park and looked at different country's hobbies and what they eat then went on the ride in the ball at Epcot. Before we returned to our resort we went to this ride were you sit in a chair and you strapped in so you do not fall out and the chairs lift up and make you fell like you are flying in pure air. Then we went to our resort to go to bed. The next morning we went to the airport to go home. On the plain I played on my Ds and colored in my fashion book and tried to go to sleep but I did not go to sleep. Before I knew it, we were back in Minnesota. We had to have a hotel van pick us up to go to our car. Then we went home. That was the time I got a surprise trip to Disney World!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Thing I Have Learned.

How I Learned To Ride My Bike

By: Grace Meyer 

I learned to ride my bike when I was about 4 years old. I was scared to go with out my training wheels because I was afraid I would fall and get hurt. My first time with out training wheels was scary at the start but when my dad was holding on to me then I felt safe. When my dad let go I did not know he let go and I was riding my bike with out any help! I learned how to ride my bike with some help but not a lot! That is the time I learned how to ride my Bike!                                                                                           The End!

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Time I Was Scared!

A Time I Was Scared 
By : Grace Meyer
I was scared when I went on my first roller coaster ride it was on The Wild Thing in Valley Fair. I rode with my dad because it was my first roller coaster I have been on in my life. when I got on I closed my eyes at the start but when we got to the top I felt like i was going to throw up but I did not. At the top of the hill you would stop then you go down the hill. It was kinda fun! I felt fine once we got past the the hill because the rest was up and down and then you went under ground that is when they took the picture then it was over. That is the time I was scared but was actually was really fun!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Childhood memory


My Childhood Memory
                                            By: Grace Meyer 

My childhood memory is when I was with my neighbor Sydney and we went to the lake and my mom was not there because she was at bible school and so was my brother Carson and my other neighbor Savannah. So me and Sydney went to the park and the lake with Sydney's babysitter. I remember when we sat on the sea wall and went to central gardens. In central gardens we walked down the path and saw the flower and the fish in the stream. We ran threw the green grass and threw the circle that week was really fun with my neighbor Sydney. Sydney's babysitter was really nice but she is married now and she is not a baby sitter any more because she moved. That is my favorite Childhood memory! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

A fond memory

A fond memory

My first time to Disney World 
By Grace Meyer

My first time to Disney World was about when I was 3 or 4.I was super existed when we got there I was jumping off the bed existed that was how happy I was.So the first park i went to i had a supper yummy meal.  I had a lot of fun riding all of the roller coasters and music ride and the hunted house was not that scary at all but is was really fun.The log ride was probably the best ride of all because you got really wet and it was supper fun it felt like you were going strait done but it was really going done hill. It was the best time of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

My first week in 4th grade!!

Hi i'm Grace! This week at school i've had the best school week ever! This week i've meet all of my teachers and meet all the new kids and got to see  my friends again from last year. this year we've started rotating class's this year and i've had a lot of fun in 4th grade so i've pretty much had the best school week ever!!!!!     ( - :