Friday, January 17, 2014

my snow fort

My Snow Fort
By: Grace M.
Hello! I am Grace Meyer. I'm in Mr. E's 2013-2014 fourth grade class. We are making these snow forts to learn area, perimeter, and volume. I'm going to convince you to come to our comfortable snow fort, and not someone else's fort that could fall over. 
   Now I'm going to tell you about our amazing snow fort. Our snow fort is 6 feet tall and its perimeter is 44 feet our area is 102 feet squared last but not lest the volume is 720 cubic feet. Isn't that a really BIG snow fort? Our fort has many cool details like a fire pit that is going to be very colorful a cozy sofa and a sweet chair. 
   Third Mr. E's class snow fort is going to be the best snow fort ever because there is a lot of fun details and has a decent size. Finally, you should not go to someone else's sort because it could be to small or badly built and it could collapsed on you. Also, you should not go to another fort is it could be thine or crooked. 
   In, conclusion you can agree with me that our snow fort can be the best because ours is really detailed and very tall also, ours has a lot of room for people to sit, stand, and lay in it. That is why you should come to Mr. E's fourth grade class's snow fort!