Monday, April 28, 2014

  SUMMER!By: Grace E. Meyer

         Schools out! Summer is finally here! I can't wait to have two and a half months of what ever we want to do. You can play with your friends at the park. You can go swimming at the pool with your family. The best of all you get to go on VACATION!                 One of the reasons I like summer, is because you get to relax from all hard but still fun school work you did year round at school and you get to relax at home or some wear else with your family or friends.               Another reason I like summer is because you get to go vacation with your family to places like Florida, Washington, D.C., California, Colorado, Wisconsin and many more places. Also, you get to do a whole bunch of fun like swimming at Wisconsin Dells to seeing the Hollywood sign in California To climbing a mountain in Colorado to seeing Mickey mouse in Orlando, Florida.                Another reason I like summer is because I like going to the pool with all your friends and family. You can race your friends and family down the slides at the pool. You can shoot hoops in the water at the pool. You can dive off the diving boards at the pool.                         The last reason I enjoy summer is because of all the fun fairs, rides, and parades at the Fourth of July holidays.             That is every reason why I like SUMMER!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Schools Out

Schools Out
By: Grace Ella Meyer
Kids staring at the clock thats going tic-toc .

With the kids achish to go home for SUMMER !

Finally the bell rings “Schools Out Schools Out” the kids scream!

They all throw their papers in the air and run out the classroom door.

All the teachers cry see you next school        year we’ll all miss you.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

           By: Grace & Jett
           What you will need
           Paper and pencil.
                  How many players
  You can have as many players as you want.
                  How to set up
Draw the hangman pole that the hangman hangs (2).jpg

                                How to play
 think of your word or words.  And write the  lines of how many letters there are.image197.png

Make all the the players except the person who thought  of the word till all the letters are guessed . If they  guess the wrong letter draw a part of the hangman. If the hangman is completely drawn you are (3).jpg